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"Teens Keep Polka Traditions Alive"

Polka Power!: A look into one of the hottest young polka bands in the Midwest

Based in Fremont Nebraska
Founded in 2014
Genre: Polka

“The Happy Players” polka band and band members Luke Eisenmenger (left), Jackson Brettmann (middle left), Jameson Brettmann (middle right) and Turner Blick (right) performed on April 24 in Norfolk, NE. Photo courtesy of Libby Brettmann.

It all started with a 2013 Christmas gift and the "Beer Barrel Polka" on a cell phone...(The Happy Players). This group of young energetic musicians started back in middle school and have won the hearts of many in the area. They hope their band helps to promote a multigenerational love for Polka music.

Jameson Brettmann - Accordion, Trombone, and Vocals
Jackson Brettmann- Keyboard, Trumpet, and Guitar
Luke Eisennmenger- Tuba, and Bass Guitar
Turner Blick- Drums and Vocals

Stephen Vella- Trumpet, and Vocals